What mood are you choosing today?

mood mask

The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.


What mood are you choosing today? What mood are you choosing when you wake up? Do you choose to answer for rudeness with a smile or you get angry? Do you choose to get upset because of the rainy/cold/stormy weather? Do you choose to hurt the loved one in the heat of the moment? Or you choose to turn situation into a good joke? This is what I call freedom. We free to choose how we respond to the world. Smile or frown - choice that only you can make, because no one else can control your face accept you.. That is our right and no one else in the whole world can not ruin your mood, if you don’t let them get under your skin.

Be positive. See the bright side and maybe world become a better place at least for those people who chose to be around ….

#Kakitty 😼


Life is fascinating thing! Right before moving into our new house I started to have this itching desire to have a #cat. Uncontrollable, irrational idea! We already have a dog, we travel a lot and let’s be realistic cats live for 12-15 years and I am not sure where I will end up during this period. But all the #coldmind reasons couldn’t stop the fire of the desire. So idea stayed in my head and become more like a joke, every time when it was possible I brought a cat topic. So one day when I am like a parrot repeated cat’s name like 20 thousands time, @Hulkbile said his final word and we made a deal that if I will be able to lure into the house street cat who always eats Canhi’s food -  cat can stay. Deal is a deal, with mission impossible heart I said goodbye to the dream to have a cat in Vietnam. 
Couple days later when we came back home, we caught a shadow of cat that couldn’t escape on time… Door were closed and it was perfect moment to start my seduction. Milk, sweet voice, promises of the soft bed and bum scratches, Canhi’s food for free - I still don’t know what exactly worked. But long story short, after one bite and a week of freaking out, she become our cat. The funniest twist of this story, that this cat was abonded by the old owners of our new house. So we got lucky with the pack: new house with the FREE cat! 


P.S. surprisingly fast Canchi 🐶 accepted presence of #Kakitty 😼 as a new neighbor.